Monday, April 30, 2012

Replicated Sites

FocalPoint welcomes Explosive Income System, under the guidance of Jeff Boyle, as the newest addition to the FocalPoint family. FocalPoint is an online marketing and automated prospecting system with replicated sites, lead capture pages, and autoresponders. This system is designed for each Explosive Income System representative to engage and educate visitors and encourage them to join their opportunity and purchase their products. It includes a successful, reliable process that is replicated for every representative.

Explosive Income System is a group of representatives promoting parent company ARIIX’s line of products.* The ARIIX product line includes vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional dietary supplements from Rejuveniix – formulated to increase energy – to Restoriix – designed to help remove toxins from the body. Representatives will use FocalPoint to help promote the full product line.

FocalPoint will create massive growth for Explosive Income System. Every representative can get their own lead capture pages to attract visitors, a site where they present the products and their opportunity to these visitors, and then follow up with a series of autoresponders. The sheer enthusiasm over this new and highly effective prospecting and marketing system will create a buzz. Once representatives see their new lead capture pages and replicated sites, they will want to get this in front of as many visitors as possible – right away. 

The best thing about FocalPoint is that it’s automated! Representatives just drive visitors to their lead capture pages via word of mouth, advertising, or any method that works for them – and then the system takes over from there. As lead capture forms are filled out online, contact information is funneled into the system where a series of autoresponders start the marketing process. 

What are autoresponders? They are automated emails sent as follow-up to keep messages fresh and in front of every prospect. It provides them with a font of information at intervals that keeps prospects engaged – not overwhelmed. It provides prospects with more detailed information over time to eventually convert them into customers or ARIIX representatives.

As prospects are converted into representatives, they can get their own system. They in turn drive traffic to their lead capture pages and the process continues as membership grows. It is truly a replicated system that works. The FocalPoint management team looks forward to helping Explosive Income System grow.
*ARIIX does not specifically endorse FocalPoint or Explosive Income System’s association with FocalPoint.

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